Monday, July 31, 2006

To See Where Razorback Now Resides

If you wish to visit a site that contains photographs of the place Razorback now calls home, click here or visit

Friday, July 28, 2006

Inspecting Razorback

Staff routinely inspects all aspects of Razorback. Note the rust removal work happening on the stern. Remember rust detail guys? Come for a visit! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Now You Won't Get Wet or Sunburned

A new awning has been placed on the Isabella Jo Service Barge. This will keep visitors dry when it's wet and will keep the sun off of participants in special events. Drop by for a visit.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Explaining a Dive

AIMM tour guide Brian Thomas (red shirt) explains the dive procedure to his tour Saturday. Despite the heat, people are still visiting the North Shore Maritime Center to learn of the Razorback's storied history. One visitor told us that her visit Saturday was her fourth and each tour makes her appreciate what submariners did and do for us on a daily basis. Come by for a visit.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another What Where--

OK Ole Salts- Snapped this photo today aboard Razorback...any ideas what/where it is? If you want to take a shot at it, simply click the "comments" link on this message and make your guess. The first one who gets it right will get a free Razorback Hat mailed to them! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The 394 Keeps Watch as the Sun sets in NLR

Razorback prepares for a night of rest as the sun sets beyond. Photo by John C. Jones. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Striking the Set

Razorback starred in an upcoming commercial for the Tourism Industry. A local production company spent the day at the North Shore Maritime Center today getting all the footage that will be required. It will be a tourism commercial that will air not only in Arkansas but nationally too. We will try to post a copy of it as soon as the production work is finished. The 394 continues to help make our community a more exciting place to live and visit-- come on down! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 07, 2006

Come for a Visit!

AIMM's Master at Arms, Herman "Shorty" Hagerman, who when he was 16, fought in nearly every battle of the Coral Sea in WW II (aboard the USS Lexington on the flight deck), regales a group of visitors with stories that accompany the photo book aboard the Mary Munns, the loading point to tour Razorback.

Welcome Aboard! Come spend a day with us. Take a cruise and eat a meal aboard the Arkansas Queen and then amble through time while aboard one of the most complete Balao Class submarines in the museum fleet.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Here Is the Complete Slideshow of the Arkansas Delegation's Ride Aboard Newport-News

On 28 April 2006, Mayor Patrick H. Hays, Arkansas First Lady Janet Huckabee, Museum Director Greg Zonner, AIMM Contributor Scott McGeorge and others were given the opportunity to take a day cruise aboard the USS Newport-News, a fast attack nuclear sub. Watch this 12 minute slide show and you'll feel like you were along with us!

Monday, July 03, 2006

A Message From Dom "Big Al" Alvarado


Eleven months ago, four buddies who were on board the U.S.S. Razorback (SS-394), were reunited after 38 years. All full-pledge members of U.S.S. Razorback Base, are Marcial (Mars( Pamintuan from La Palma, CA, Ireneo Q. (Rene) Alcala from Chicago, Il., Enrile (Trini) Trinidad from Long Beach, CA. and Dominador (Dom) Alvarado from Roseville, CA. It was really quite amazing how they found each other again after all these years. Thanks to the Internet, they got together and decided to meet at North Little Rock, AR., where their beloved ship was on exhibit at the Museum for the first time on July 3, 2005.

Each one of these submariners were so excited to meet for their first reunion. All three buddies, Mars, Trini and Dom flew in from the West Coast in separate flights. Rene Alcala drove eleven hours in his van with the idea of getting all four buddies and their wives together during their whole stay in North Little Rock.

Quite unexpectedly, a VIP welcome was extended to them by Steve Nawojczyk, from the Mayors of Office of North Little Rock. Braye Cloud from the Mayor’s Office, gave them a tour of the city and an interview was arranged with the historian of NLR National Historical Commission. They wore T-Shirts with their ship’s logo printed in front and the words “Re-live the Memories – Reunion 2005”. It was really awesome and nostalgic for these buddies to see their ship once more, as it was being shown to the public while anchored at the NLR Maritime dock. They looked it over from every nook and corner, reminiscing their wonderful, unforgettable camaraderie while they were on board in the 60’s. To top it all, their visit was covered by the media TV Channels 4 and 16.

Should these submariners decide to have another reunion this year, unfortunately, one will be missing. Rene Alcala passed away last January 5, 2006 due to complication from diabetes. He will be sorely missed, but the three buddies who are left will commemorate their Reunion-2005, God-willing to keep memories alive

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Razorback Visible on Google Earth

Google Earth features images from commercial satellites. According to Google, the images may be as much as three years old, and until recently, the pictures of North Little Rock's waterfront were at least a couple of years old, since they didn't show Razorback. That omission has been corrected: