Monday, July 30, 2007

Unique Artifact

It seems like very few days go by when something new ISN'T happening here at the museum. If we aren't putting in new A/C units to make our visitor's tours more pleasant (and thank's again to everyone who contributed both time and money to the project), we're painting a new anchor or other outside display or putting in new deck, and in between we're busy cataloging personal donations.

Every so often, though, something really special happens.

Recently, a local businessman called. He had been using a odd-looking cast-iron cart in his welding shop for many years to move steel bars around his shop. He had never given the odd appearance of the cart, with it's three curved brackets, much thought until he saw an identical cart on a TV show. Only this time, instead of carrying steel, this cart was being used by a submarine crew to move a torpedo.

This picture shows the torpedo skid
when originally offered to the museum

Needless to say, we were very excited to acquire such an unusual artifact. There are only a bare handful of similar carts that have been preserved and are on display in museums.

During its use as an industrial steel cart, one of the wheel supports was broken. Fortunately, the owner saved the base, the broken support, and the wheel. Using the broken part as a template, City of North Little Rock welders Mark Gahr and Justin McDougal were able to make a new support and restore the cart to its original operating condition.

The restored wheel next to the broken bracket

The torpedo handling cart fully restored and on display


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Great find and Great job!

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