Friday, July 27, 2007

New in the Library

The Library has received a number of new items in CD format:

Encyclopedia of Submarine History - St. Mary's Submarine Museum

Submarines of the U.S. Navy - St. Mary's Submarine Museum

The Holland Project - Digital Reconstruction of Naval History - This CD, produced in 2002 by IBM's Project Lifecycle Management Group, is a digital re-creation of USS Holland, the first submarine commissioned in the U.S. Navy. Holland was, unfortunately scrapped in 1913, and only a few bits and pieces remain, but using original blueprints, patent documents, personal letters, and many other , the people at IBM have made it possible for you to take a "virtual tour" of this lost piece of history.

US Submarine Men Lost During World War II - Paul W. Wittmer
This CD is an electronic version of a two-volume printed work by Mr. Wittmer, of Manchester, MO. It is an alphabetical compilation of information on all the men who died while in, or attached to, a command of the US Submarine Service during WWII, including passengers from other services lost on submarines. AIMM would like to thank Mr. Wittmer for his donation of this CD to the Library.

All of these items, and many others, are available for researchers, as well as ordinary museum patrons at the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum.

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Naval Historical Center, Washington, DC


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