Friday, July 22, 2005

Maintenance Chief Barnes endures the HEAT--

North Little Rock's Maritime Maintenance Chief Jim Barnes is seen working on some air lines in the sail of the Razorback/Muratreis on 22 July.

The AIMM crew has to blow the ballasts once or so a week.

Remember, she's a "live" boat so there is a lot of daily maintenance required and our entire crew, both AIMM's and the city of North Little Rock's are to be commended for their hard work.

Also, today we had to close the tours down about two hours early because of the excessive heat. It was 110 degrees down below when the decision was made for the safety of staff and visitors. We are working diligently towards getting the old girl air conditioned but it is a very expensive proposition. If anyone knows any kind-hearted philanthropists looking for a wonderful place to put some money, please ask them to contact AIMM director Greg Zonner at or call him at 501-371-8320


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