Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A boy and his grandpa--

AIMM volunteer Johnny Studdard (r red hat) and his 5 year old grandson Joshua Tate-Lee of Sardis, Arkansas watch as Shorty Hagerman (l red hat) discusses moving the gangway with some CNLR street department men. Joshua had just ridden in the sail while underway. His grandpa said, "He was a hand full but loved every minute of it, and wore me out."

What do you want to bet that Josh will never forget the day he rode a submarine with his granddaddy? I suspect he'll tell that story for years to come.

The move was accomplished in grand fashion without a hitch due to the combined efforts of all involved.

A photo upload with all the photos from move day is available by going to:


This file is large and unless you have hi-speed we don't suggest an attempt to download. It will be available for about 5 more days.


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