Friday, March 03, 2006

Message from Mayor Hays and Staff

Razorback Base members and sub vets John Barr (L) and Jim Barnes work to finish up the gangways to Razorback. (CNLR Mayor's Office Photo)

To our visitors and friends:

While all of the new AIMM site will not quite be finished for our re-opening on Saturday 4 March at 10:00 (until dusk), we will be open for tours.

Razorback will be open for tours on week-ends only from 10:00 AM until dusk.

This will accomodate the finishing of the rest of the project so we can open full time when schools let out for the summer.

You will not believe the improvements in Razorback/Muratreis. I did a walk-through and the only thing missing are young sailors and officers hurrying to and fro to accomplish some mission in the service of their country. You can close your eyes and imagine all that has happened during the 394's service to both the United States and Turkish Navies.

While you are at the North Shore Maritime Center, please be sure to look at the Arkansas Queen paddle wheeler excursion restaurant.

We are very appreciative of all of the hard work put in by AIMM staff, volunteers and city employees to get folks below decks again to see this wonderful part of our heritage.

We hope you will take the time to visit these wonderful additions to our great City and State.

Mayor Patrick H. Hays
City of North Little Rock, AR


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