Saturday, April 29, 2006

It Was a Great Day Under the Sea!

On 28 April 2006, Mayor Patrick Hays, Arkansas First Lady Janet Huckabee, Museum Director Greg Zonner, AIMM Supporter and Contributor Scott McGeorge of Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel and Steve Nawojczyk of Mayor Hays' staff were treated to a once in a lifetime opportunity.

They were welcomed aboard the USS Newport-News (SSN 750) for a cruise off of the shores of Florida. They were treated to a full day of getting to meet these wonderful sailors and officers and diving to 600 feet. We also learned about a great exercise called "angles and dangles". Many of the crewmembers told us this was there favorite drill. Lunch was served with Sliders being the main course.

The above photos from top to bottom show: 1. First Lady Janet Huckabee presented CDR Max Weingart the commanding officer of the Newport-News with an Arkansas State Flag to be displayed in the crew's mess for all to see. Mayor Hays and LCDR Nowak look on. 2. Mayor Hays shows CDR Weingart a photo of Razorback. Scott McGeorge, 2nd from left and Mrs. Huckabee watch while Greg Zonner admires the Frigate used to board Newport-News. 3. Mayor Hays addresses the entire crew on the 1MC letting them know how grateful we are for the hard job they do. He presented XO Tilbrook with a city proclamation making April 28th the USS Newport-News Day in North Little Rock.


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