Thursday, August 02, 2007

Urban Submarine Art

Earlier this year, Main Street Argenta announced a public art program, "Good Living in North Little Rock." The unique part of this art program is that the "canvases" are the traffic control boxes at the corners of the major intersections. These boxes are an important, if drab, part of modern life.

One of the boxes chosen for this project is at the corner of Washington & Main Streets, at the foot of the Main Street bridge.

As you can see, one side of the traffic control box now has art based on Razorback's patches. This is the fourth traffic box completed. The other side of the box is painted with a trolley and faces the trolley tracks, creating an instant conversation piece for trolley riders.

The Razorback side is easily visible to both foot and vehicle traffic, especially traffic westbound on Washington Street.

This traffic box was painted by Abby Carman, the artist who also painted the traffic box at the corner of East Broadway and Poplar.


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