Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In Memoriam - USS Cisco (SS-290) - Sunk 28 September 1943

USS Cisco (SS-290) was lost on her first war patrol. Operating out of Port Darwin, Australia, she left on her patrol on 18 September, but returned that evening due to a malfunction in her main hydraulic system. After repairs, she sailed on the 19th. She was never heard from again.

After the war, an examination of Japanese records revealed that on 28 September, an attack was made on "a sub tailing oil" by both aircraft and Japanese naval vessels, including the Gunboat Karatsu, the former US river gunboat USS Luzon (PR-7) which had been salvaged by the Japanese after being scuttled in Manila Bay in May, 1942.

The men aboard the former American warship did not enjoy their victory for long. IJNS Karatsu was sunk a few months later by USS Narwhal (SS-167).


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