Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Oral History Available at AIMM

MoMM 2/C (Motor Machinist Mate Second Class) George Robert "Bob" Gallagher, a WWII Razorback crewmember, visited AIMM back in the spring. Bob had a great time aboard Razorback, even finding his old duty stations at the after diving planes and in the forward engine room. He even found a bunk in the After Battery Compartment in nearly the same location as his berth in WWII.

During his visit, we suggested that Bob sit down and conduct a formal oral history interview.

On June 20th, 2007, Bob Gallagher sat down with Betsy Plumb, a history graduate student at the University of Buffalo for a nearly two hour video interview. We would like to thank both Ms. Plumb and the Gallagher family for providing us with a copy of the interview.

If you would like to hear about Razorback's WWII patrols directly from someone who lived through some of them, please stop by to see this great interview.


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