Saturday, November 07, 2009

In Memoriam - USS Albacore (SS-281) Sunk 07 November 1944

During her 11th war patrol, USS Albacore (SS-281) struck a Japanese mine while submerged and sank with the loss of all aboard.

The explosion was witnessed by a Japanese patrol craft which reported seeing a great amount of air bubles and heavy oil on the surface, as well as finding cork, bedding and various provisions afterward.

During her first 10 war patrols, Albacore rang up an impressive score:
  • Aircraft Carrier Taiho
  • Light Cruiser Tenryu
  • Destroyer Oshio
  • Destroyer Sazanami
  • An escort vessel
  • A large patrol boat
  • Six Freighters
  • Two Tankers
  • Two Transports
She was also awarded the Presidential Unit Citation four times.


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