Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rest in Peace - Glen R. "Pappy" Sears

It is with deepest regrets that we must report that Glen R. "Pappy" Sears, one of Razorback's commanding officers, departed on eternal patrol 17 March 2008. He was eighty years old, and left behind his wife, a son, and two grandchildren. As befitting a man who loved the sea, his ashes were scattered into the ocean off Honolulu 19 March.

Pappy served twice aboard Razorback. He first reported aboard in the fifties as a lieutenant under LCDR C. E. Statsny, and returned as commanding officer 30 April 1964. He earned his nickname from his classmates at the Naval Academy, who saw the former enlisted sailor as their "sea daddy," always willing to share lessons learned while on patrol. He will be sorely missed, by them and by many others.

Click here to witness Pappy's return to his old command in 2006, the first in forty years.

The top photograph was donated to AIMM by Captain Sears during his visit. It shows him and his then 7-year old son (his son is now a Captain in the Navy). The bottom two photographs were taken during Captain Sear's visit to Razorback with his family in 2006.

Sailor, rest your oars!


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