Monday, February 02, 2009

New Submarine Books at AIMM are Also on the Web

A group of long out of print submarine books has been donated to AIMM.

Among the titles are many that you can read right now, without buying them or even making a trip to see us, (although we'd love for you to visit). These books are in the "public domain" because they were originally published so long ago. They can be downloaded as Adobe PDF files through Google Books:

Voyage of the Deutschland, the First Merchant Submarine by CAPT Paul Konig. Originally published in 1916, before the United States entered the First World War, Captain Konig's account is a fascinating look at a "one of a kind" submarine.

It can be found and downloaded as a PDF via Google Books at this link.

The Romance of Submarine Engineering: Containing Interesting Descriptions in Nontechnical Language of the Construction of Submarine Boats, the Salving of Great Ships, the Recovery of Sunken Treasure, the Building of Breakwaters and Docks, and Many Other Feats of Engineering Beneath the Surface.

This book (with it's long title) can be found and downloaded as a PDF at this link.

Other notable titles include:
The Journal of Submarine Commander Von Forstner - The diary of a World War I German U-Boat Commander. Available here.

The Submarine in War and Peace: Its Development and Its Possibilties - By Simon Lake, one of the pioneers in submarine development. Available here.

The Submarine Torpedo Boat - Its Characteristics and Modern Development - This 1916 book provides an interesting perspective on what "Modern" means. Available here.


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