Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Razorback Deck Logs Now on the Web

All U.S. Navy ships keep a deck log. This is an official, legal, record of all the vessel's activities, including changes in personnel (both new officers and sailors arriving and old crew departing); departure from, and arrival at, port; firing weapons (including serial numbers of torpedoes); and other activities.

At the end of the year, the ship sends the signed deck logs to the Navy for storage. After a period of time, the deck logs are declassified and transferred to the National Archives in College Park, MD for researchers to examine.

Some of Razorback's WWII deck logs have been scanned and are now on the AIMM website.

Sometimes the entries are serious, such as when Captain's Mast is held.

Tuesday, 04 April 1944
"1130 - The Captain held mast and assigned punishment as follows: ABLE, A.B., TM3c, AWOL 19 hours; Three weeks loss of liberty; BAKER, B.C., MoMM2c, AWOL 19 hours; Three weeks loss of liberty."
(names have been changed to protect the innocent, the guilty, and the curator)

Sometimes, the entries are, "just the facts":

Saturday, 8 April 1944
"1600 - Received from Naval Ammunition Depot, Hingham, MA, 40 rounds 4" 50 cal common ammuntion SPDN 5802 FP; 60 round 4" 50 cal HC ammunition SPDN 5802 FP; 5040 20mm HEI, 2520 rounds 20mm HEI, 180 rounds 20mm BLP, 10,800 rounds .30 cal, 3600 rounds .45 cal ball; 50 rounds 12 gauge shotgun; 5000 rounds .22 call ball."

Occaisonally, a bit of humor sneaks into the entry, intentional or not.

Sunday, 7 May 1944
"1905 - DOE, E.F., EM2c and DOE, G.H., BM2c, returned absent without leave; both men were under the influence of alcoholic beverage."

Sometimes, the humor is intentional. On New Years Day, it is traditional that the officer on watch compose a poem for the very first entry of the year.

1 January 1947
"0 to 4 - While on the beach we hoped to be,
In Pearl we lie in berth Sail Three.
Around us moored, our fleet and craft,
CINCPAC is here, SOPA,
From SOQ the cheers are faint,
They greet New Years, we scrape old paint,
Still, raise your glass and drink a toast,
A toast of milk, we’re on our post.”


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