Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Digitial Artifact - 1950s Blueprints

Recently, AIMM received a set of digital blueprints. These blueprints were originally created in the 1950s to support the GUPPY program. They detail the extensive modification work done to the submarines (like Razorback) that were selected for the GUPPY IIA phase of the program.

In 1955, the blueprints were placed on microfilm.

Eventually, the microfilm was declassified and turned over to the National Archives to be made available to researchers. The Historic Naval Ship's Association (HNSA) had the microfilm digitized. Each frame was converted to a JPG file. In total, there are approximately 8,000 individual image files. We are in the process of creating an electronic, searchable index to these blueprints. This index will be posted on the AIMM website.

Besides Razorback, a number of other submarines are covered in these blueprints, including:

SS-382 (USS Picuda)
SS-385 (USS Balao)
SS-391 (USS Pomfret)
SS-396 (USS Ronquil)
SS-402 (USS Sea Fox)
SS-410 (USS Threadfin)
SS-415 (USS Stickleback)

The images above are just a small sample of what is in this treasure trove.

AIMM would like to thank HNSA for sharing these files with us.


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