Friday, November 19, 2010

New Submarine Models

AIMM is pleased to announce that we will soon be carrying the OKB Grigorov line of submarine models. These models are produced in 1/700 scale and are made of resin with photo-etched details.

We are ordering the following models:
  • USS Skipjack class SSN
  • USS Sturgeon class SSN
  • USS Permit class SSN
  • USS Tullibee
  • Russian Borei class SSBN
  • Russian Yasen class SSN
  • Russian November class SSN
The company is introducing new models on a regular basis, and we will be able to special order kits as well. We're excited to carry this line, as many of these models have never been available - in any scale - at any price.

There's even talk of a USS Razorback model....


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