Sunday, March 06, 2011

Funny Incident from Razorback's Third War Patrol

Razorback's third war patrol was conducted from 01 February 1945 to 26 March 1945. She operated as part of a "wolf pack" of three submarines - "Fulp's Fiddlers" - Razorback, USS Sea Cat (SS-399), and the USS Segundo (SS-398).

At the end of the the patrol, Razorback was shadowing a large two-masted schooner of about 100 tons. The conditions were bad with heavy seas, so Razorback was waiting for conditions to improve to make it easier for the gun crew to shoot at the target.

At 1145, the deep fat fryer burst into flames, apparently due to a faulty thermostat switch. While the fire was easily put out, the hot oil continued to smolder, filling the boat with smoke, so despite the bad weather, Razorback surfaced and her gun crew went to work, quickly sinking the schooner.

After the battle, the faulty equipment was dealt with.

"1300 - Gave one deep fat fryer the deep six."


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