Monday, November 12, 2012

New Artifact Donated to the Museum

Submarine veteran Reggie McCarver of Park Hills, Missouri recently visited Razorback.  He served aboard USS Sirago (SS-485) and USS Pomodon (SS-486).  After his visit, he sent several artifacts to us.

Among these artifacts was this clock, known as a "Rig for Red" clock.  Unfortunately, Mr. McCarver didn't have any documentation or technical manuals to go along with it.

The clock also didn't work when it was received.  However, it didn't take long for our electrician, Joe Mathis, ETC(SS) USN (ret) to restore it to full functionality!  We have not yet decided where to install the clock aboard Razorback, but it will probably be displayed in the Conning Tower.

If you have any sea stories related to a clock like this, please pass them on.


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