Thursday, December 31, 2015

75th Anniversary of Hoga's Launch

"This Day in History"

December 31, 1940

The Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum is starting our 75th Anniversary series of World War II events in 2016.  The blog will begin with Hoga's 75th Anniversary events.

Hoga at Consolidated Shipbuilding facility in Morris Heights, New York, undated.
Photograph courtesy of US National Archives.

Seventy-five years ago today, a Woban Class District Harbor Tug YT-146 was launched.  The Consolidated Shipbuilding Corporation in Morris Heights, New York, built the tug known as Hoga along with three other tug boats.  

Hoga is 100 feel long, a beam of 25 feet, and a draft of 9 feet, 7 inches.  The boat's displacement is 218 tons and uses one propeller and two diesel engines to propel the boat to 12 knots.  This yard tug is typical of hundreds of World War II-era naval service craft.

Coming Soon: Visitors will be able to walk aboard the main deck of USS Hoga, the last surviving Naval vessel from the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Preservation on the boat's interior is happening now. You can help the museum open these areas to the general public by making a tax-deductible donation at  

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