Saturday, May 12, 2012

Secrets of the Captain's Safe

Recently, several AIMM staff members were working in the Forward Battery Compartment in the area of the Captain's Stateroom.  During this work, they noticed that the safe in the Captain's Stateroom was closed and locked.  They also noticed that the safes in other officer's staterooms were open.

After some discussions, it was determined that no one could remember the Captain's safe EVER being opened.  The hinges were removed, and this is what was found:

In all, a total of 122 photographs, the Master Copy of the SORM (Standard Organization and Regulation Manual), the Emergency Destruction Bag from the Captain's Stateroom, and a number of other artifacts were found within the safe.

All of these artifacts date from the time when Razorback served in the Turkish Navy, or just before that time.  All of these artifacts are being cataloged and preserved.

We will be posting more photos here, and on the AIMM website in the very near future.

Here is a closeup of the Captain's Emergency Destruction Bag:


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