Saturday, July 09, 2005

Another of AIMM's Volunteers

Meet Herman "Shorty" Hagerman, ABM2C (USS Lexington 1943-1946) of North Little Rock.

Shorty is standing in the control room of the Razorback. This photo was taken by CDR Robert Walls, USN (ret) the last XO of the 394 while Walls was visiting recently.

Despite Shorty being a carrier vet, Walls pronounced him "Qualified" after Shorty led Walls through his old boat. It was an emotional visit for all.

Along with others, Shorty has put in many hours of time taking care of the Razorback/Muratreis. His contribution is very unique in that many children--and adults--love to hear him speak of his time in some of the most famous battles of the Pacific campaign. Our hats are off to one of our true heroes, Herman "Shorty" Hagerman.

To view CDR Walls photo album of his visit simply click on the title of this message.


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