Thursday, July 07, 2005

You Must Remember This

The USS Razorback tours can NOT be conducted during inclement weather. This is necessitated by the fact that she is not in her final mooring configuration yet and the temporary service barge and deck of the Razorback become very slippery when wet. If you will click on the title of this message, it will take you to a weather site for our area. Before coming to tour, be sure to check the skies!

Also remember that the 394 is a "live" boat with fairly tight compartments and hatches which visitors must pass through to truly experience the rich history of this boat. This means climbing down a 12 foot ladder and up a 14 foot ladder and stepping through water-tight hatches between compartments.

Each tour group is restricted to no more than 8 people and tours last between 35 to 45 minutes. Tours usually depart every 15 minutes and a wait is sometimes required. After touring the boat, you are welcome to amble through the temporary museum building a short walking distance from the Razorback.

Cold drinks, water and gift items are available at the boat.

For more information call: 501-371-8320 or 501-340-5309


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