Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum Announces an Expert Panel

Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum Announces an Expert Panel

A panel of scientists has agreed to assist the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum’s planning for their Beacon of Peace and Hope funded by a contribution from WAND. Approval has been received from the FAA. Now the scientific panel will begin their work.

Tom Foti, Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission staff; Ken Smith, Arkansas Audubon Director and Bill Shepard, retired Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission staff, have agreed to conduct a site visit, survey the literature and assist in operational recommendations for the Beacon of Peace and Hope.

Greg Zonner, Executive Director of AIMM, said, “I am very pleased to have this level of scientific expertise to guide us. This is an important symbol for all of us and to have the operational policy created in a way to least impact migrating birds is highly positive. Additionally, we will establish a monitoring program that will permit us to adjust operations long-term if needed.”

Tom Foti has indicated that weather, time lights are on, the time of year, and the color of light all have the potential to affect migrating birds. These and other factors will be given consideration in establishing an operating plan for the Beacon of Peace and Hope.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Beacon of Peace and Hope may do so. Your checks should be made payable to AIMM and mailed to WAND, c/o Caroline Stevenson, 5125 Stonewall Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72207.


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