Thursday, August 11, 2005

Razorback Deck Log- 11 August 1945

11 August

0530 Submerged

1200 Position: Lat. 50-10 N., Long. 156-18 E.

1303 OOD sighted two buoys with staff and pennants on the starboard beam, distant 1000 yards; went deep.

1306 At 70 feet heard rattling and tapping on conning tower similarto light metal weights being dragged over it; noise stopped as we went to 100 feet.

1300 (SIC) At periscope depth counted five similar buoys in vicinity astern. We undoubtedly had a tilt with a Jap drift net.

2000 Surfaced with about 100 square feet of net (and two good sized but unedible fish) draped over periscope shears.

2137 Received ComSubsPac permanent change to Polar Circuit voice frequency for lifeguard.

2351 Received ComSubsPacAdComd message of strike for tomorrow plus information on surface operations in this vicinity.

This will conclude this series of deck log entries. We will do more of this from time to time. AIMM Team


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