Saturday, August 06, 2005

One of Our Heroes and Supporters- Dub Bentley

Wilbur C. (Dub) Bentley
Of Little Rock, Arkansas (1944)

"I graduated from high school, joined the Navy and got married in 1944, when I was 17 years old. I was 17 years old when (this picture was taken.) After boot camp and service school I was sent to Hawaii for assignment. I wanted to be assigned to a ship, any ship, so bad I could taste it. But, I was not to be so blessed.

I was assigned to Logistic Support Company which was coming through from Camp Pendleton, a Marine Training Base, where they had received 8 weeks of infantry training. They headed for Okinawa but did not know it. When we arrived, I was assigned to operate a flat, steel pontoon barge which was not bad. I was to transport men and supplies to and from the ships in Buckner Bay. I had one man assigned to help me. I was there when the A bombs were dropped and when the Japanese surrendered on September 2, 1945.

My duties did not change at all after the surrender until October 8, 1945. On that date, Okinawa was hit by a devastating typhoon that sunk or damaged hundreds of ships in Buckner Bay. My barge was tossed about like a cork for hours and was found about 100 yards inland after the typhoon subsided. "

From The AIMM Team: Wilbur "Dub" Bentley is a local resident and big supporter of the Maritime Museum Project. The above is Dub's naval history. He went on to become a JAG officer in the Air Force and ultimately became the long time prosecutor in the 6th Judicial District of Arkansas which encompasses Pulaski and and Perry Counties. While he never served on a submarine, we consider Dub a great friend and like many others who served during WW 2, we consider him a true hero. Thanks Dub and we wish you well and a speedy recovery from your illness.


Anonymous Dub and Sub Fan said...

I've known Mr. Bentley for years and had no idea he had been in World War 2. I always liked him and now I like the sub too. A fan of the sub and the Dub.

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