Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chalupkas Ahoy!

Jan and Don Chalupka, Sr. of Seabeck, Washington recently visited Razorback with their family. Pictured left to right are Jan and Don, their grandchildren, Zack, Alex and Caroline and Don, Jr. and his wife Stacie, all of Little Rock. Don, Jr. said that his father had worked for the Department of Defense on submarine projects and remembers that when they were growing up his dad could not tell him what he did for a living. Ahhh, secrecy. You gotta love it!

The Chalupkas were treated to a pre-opening look at the newly expanded museum barge which will be open this coming Saturday. Please drop by for a visit.

For information about tours and the museum call 501-371-8320.

Happy New Year to all our visitors.


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