Friday, January 19, 2007

Navy Trivia for Another Day of Bad Weather

It looks like it's going to rain all day Saturday (again) AND it's going to be cold (highs in the 30's), so here's some Trivia questions to hold you over through the nasty weather:

  1. What was the first German submarine sunk by US forces in WWII, and how was it sunk?
  2. What was the first German submarine sunk by US forces in World War One, and how was IT sunk?
  3. What was the only US submarine to sink a battleship in WWII, and which ship did she sink?
  4. David Bushnell is best known for building Turtle, the first submersible to attack an enemy warship (during the Revolutionary War). What was Bushnell's other notable invention?
  5. What was the first major warship sunk by a US submarine in WWII?
  6. Of the 130 Japanese submarines sunk during WWII, approximately how many were sunk by American submarines?
  7. What US submarine is credited with firing the last torpedoes and sinking the last Japanese combatant ships of WWII?
  8. Name the most infamous Razorback crew member (hint - he was a Radioman). Where is he today?
  9. What was the first US submarine to have a stern torpedo tube?
  10. What was the last?
All questions and answers come from Navy Trivia, by Paul E. Kanive, published in 1986, and found in the AIMM Library.

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