Thursday, August 02, 2007

Anyone Recognize This?

Look what now is standing watch over the Razorback and AIMM. Anybody got any clues as to what it is? Leave a comment, let's see who gets it right first. Might be a 394 hat in it for the first to correctly ID this baby.


Blogger uffie said...

This a 3"/50 Caliber deck gun. It was used on some WWII submarines, but was usually replaced by 4"/50 or better yet a 5"/25 because they had more range and greater impact.

For more info go to to my website on the sister ship to USS Razorback, SS393 USS Queenfish and the Nuclear SSN 651 Queenfish.
Gun's Caliber, Bore And Length

Jerry Uffelman former IC1 (SS) SSN651

11:15 AM  

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