Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Digitial Submarine History at AIMM

AIMM is continuing to add to its online digitial archive of submarine documentation.

The first is a recruiting brochure from WWII, titled "See Action Now! with the Submarine Service" It describes the "many modern comforts and conveniences" found aboard a submarine. A sample dinner menu is given:

Tomato Soup
Sirloin Steak
Brown Gravy - Baked Potatoes
Fresh Frozen Corn and Peas
Fresh-Baked Rolls - Butter - Jam
Strawberry Shortcake

This booklet describes how submarine sailors get "responsbility and advancement", "rewards", "the highest pay in the Navy" and "Above all - ACTION!"

This second brochure from the 1960s with its somewhat contrived title includes information aimed at teens, as it describes training programs for high-school students. However, it also describes the advanced technical training for programs such as nuclear power and ballistic missiles.

Each of these brochures provides a window into the Navy's past, and electronic copies are available upon request. Just send an e-mail to the AIMM staff.


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