Saturday, December 11, 2010

USS Arkansas (CGN-41) Exhibit Coming Soon

USS Arkansas (CGN-41) was the last ship to be named for the state. After she was decommissioned in 1998, parts of the vessel were removed for preservation. Of course, AIMM did not even exist at the time. One of her anchors is on display outside of the Craighead County Courthouse in the northeast part of the state. The other has been on display, along with a length of anchor chain, outside the museum for several years now. It can be seen even when the museum is closed, and is a popular backdrop for photographs.

This fall, we have been working to put several other artifacts on display, including the sternplate, the helm station, and the Captain's chair.

The sternplate has been properly preserved, repainted and has now been moved down to the museum for display. Once the weather warms back up, we will do some touch-up painting (including painting the letters black, like they should be).

The helm station and Captain's chair will be on display next to the sternplate. We will post more pictures as the exhibit progresses.


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