Monday, March 07, 2011

Air Compressor Donated to AIMM

The Razorback Crewmember's Association continues to be an active and vital part of AIMM's success. Although these men are scattered across the nation, they visit regularly and help out in many ways.

The Association was able to secure the donation of a high-capacity air compressor from Fairbanks-Morse, the company that originally built Razorback's engines. Fairbanks-Morse still builds a similar engine today. This compressor came from their plant in the Houston, TX area, and is worth about $3,000.

The Razorback Crewmember's Association also donated the transportation of the compressor. Former Razorback crew member Rick Pressly drove from his home in North Carolina to the factory, where the 600-pound compressor was loaded into the back of his truck. He drove up to North Little Rock. We offloaded the compressor, and he was nice enough to help us get the compressor down the gangway before he headed home.

We would like to thank Rick and all the members of the Razorback Crewmember's Association who helped acquire the compressor. AIMM volunteer Hal Haislip and local sub vets Joe Manning and Mark "Mark-Mark" Taylor helped the AIMM staff get the compressor down the gangway.

The next step is to get the compressor hooked up to Razorback's air systems. Using the high-pressure air, we hope to be able to start one engine in April, something few other museum subs have been able to do...


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