Monday, August 08, 2005

Razorback Deck Log- 8 August 1945

8 August

In absence of further instructions, am not sure whether we should relieve the KINGFISH on her present station or patrol where we can reach any station in the least amount of time. Have decided to do the latter. ONEKOTAN KAIKYO appears to be the most central position for likely assignments.

0153 Received ComSubsPadAdComd message stating there would be anti-shipping strikeds today. Since no specific station was assigned, headed for "Able" which has been assigned for all previous strikes covered by our predecessors.

0707 Lookout sighted unidentified single-engine fighter-type aircraft bearing 090 degreesT, range four miles; dived.

0806 Surfaced.

0825 Received ComSubsPacAdComd message with full information including assignment of "Able" as our station, so we are where we ought to be and somewhat relieved.

1032 SD contact on two aircraft, range 17 miles. They did not close.

1055 SD contact on two aircraft, range 20 miles; they colsed to 12 miles, then opened until lost.

1125 SD contact on one aircraft, range 17 miles; it did not close.

1200 Position: Lat. 50-28 N, Long. 157-20 E.

1210 SD contact on one aircraft, range 12 miles; it did not close.

1240 Sighted fishing buoy with staff and pennant bearing 285 degreesT distant 1000 yards.

1305 Sighted twin-engine aircraft similar to LORNA bearing 045 degreesT, distant 4 miles; dived.

1338 Surfaced.

1600 It looks as though all missions for today have been successful. Submerged to routine radar.

2147 Surfaced.

9 August (will be posted tomorrow)


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