Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Memoriam - USS Triton (SS-201) - Sunk 15 March 1943

On 15 March, 1943, USS Triton (SS-201), a Tambor-class submarine (only slightly smaller than Razorback, but with a test depth of only 250 feet) was lost on her sixth war patrol near Rabaul, Papaua New Guinea. Two days before, she had been notified of a group of Japanese destroyers operating in her patrol area and that the destroyers might be enroute to meet up with a convoy of Japanese merchant ships.

The Japanese destroyers made a successful anti-submarine attack and reported "a great quantity of oil, pieces of wood, corks and manufactured goods bearing the mark "Made in U.S.A."

In addition, USS Trigger (SS-237), made an attack on this same convoy on 15 March and, after being depth charged for a short time, heard a more distant depth charge attack that was sustained for about an hour.

USS Triton was lost with all hands.

Patch from the AIMM collection donated by Sue McLaughlin
Official U.S. Navy photograph from the Naval Historical Center, Washington Navy Yard, DC


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