Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Razorback Deck Log- 9 August 1945

9 August

0215 Ran into a dense cloud of volcanic ash. Visibility reduced to zero, odor of sulphur gases noted in the boat.

0321 Received ComSubsPacAdComd message stating no strikes for today.

0335 Submerged to patrol off southern tip of PARAMUSHIRO.

1200 Position: Lat. 49-53 N, Long. 155-24 E.

1507 Steady, heavy interference on JK bearing 300 degreesT. Believe this was disturbance from active volcano on same bearing. It persisted for two hours.

2030 Surfaced.

"RUSSIA DECLARES WAR ON JAPAN", came through the boat like wildfire from crew members gathered around the RBO. We no longer wonder at the high concentration of RUSSIAN ships we encountered on 31 July and 3 August. This news coupled with the announcement of the atomic bomb is indeed encouraging.

2155 Received ComSubsPacAdComd message stating no strikes for tomorrow.

Our submarine patrol zone for the next few days is a mighty small "piece of pie" on the chart. Hope sincerely that ComNorPac has favorable weather for strikes during the coming week.

10 August (will be posted tomorrow)


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