Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Inclinometer - Thanks to USS Cavalla

Thanks to the generosity of Master Chief John McMicheal, the Curator of USS Cavalla (SSK-244) in Galveston, TX, we have been able to replace one of the few missing pieces of equipment aboard Razorback.

An inclinometer is an instrument for measuring the incline, or angle of a vessel, either for list (side to side), or trim (fore and aft). The inclinometer at the Auxiliary Helm station in the Control Room was missing, and for some time, we have been using one of the inclinometers from the diving plane stations.

However, in a recent conversation with Master Chief McMicheal, he mentioned that he had a spare, and we gladly accepted his offer.

USS Cavalla and USS Razorback have a long history together, stretching back to World War II, when both submarines were present at Tokyo Bay on 02 September, 1945 when the Japanese signed the surrender papers aboard the battleship USS Missouri, formally ending World War II. Of the twelve submarines present, Razorback and Cavalla are the only two boats still in existence.

Again, we want to thank John and USS Cavalla for their generosity and we encourage everyone in the Galveston area to visit and support them.


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