Wednesday, August 08, 2007

USS Razorback - Rescue Sub

S-2 Tracker from VS-41

Forty years ago today, on the night of 08 August 1967 USS Razorback was operating off the coast of San Diego with an S-2E "Tracker" aircraft from Anti-Submarine Squadron 41, call-sign Bullfrog 28, conducting routine training exercises.

During the exercise, Razorback picked up unusual sounds on sonar, and, unable to raise Bullfrog 28 on radio, she quickly came to the surface.

Liferaft and aircrew helmets from S-2 Tracker Aircraft on
Razorback's deck the next day

Despite poor weather conditions and extreme darkness due to overcast skies, Razorback quickly located a small life raft with two survivors from Bullfrog 28. Despite the weather conditions, darkness, debris and oil from the crash (and the 48-degree cold water), Razorback crewman Torpedoman Seaman James J. Linehan, Jr. volunteered to dive into the water to help one of the men who was clinging to the side of the raft and was having trouble staying afloat due to damage to his life vest.

Razorback crewmen with their awards

TMSN Clevenger received the Navy Commendation Medal for his heroism.

Hospital Corpsman First Class James J. Linehan, Jr., received the Navy Achievement Medal for his efforts in treating the two crash survivors. Both men were seriously injured and suffering from shock and exposure to the extremely cold water.

On many other occaisions, Razorback crewmen were involved in life-saving rescues. To learn about some of these rescues, come visit the museum.

AIMM would like to thank the Tailhook Association for locating a high-quality photograph of an S-2E Tracker from VS-41 in their archives.


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