Friday, April 08, 2011

In Memoriam - USS Snook (SS-279) - Sunk April 8, 1945

While on her ninth war patrol, USS Snook (SS-279) was lost with all hands.

While the exact cause of her loss remains unknown to this day, she was likely sunk by the Japanese submarine I-56 on April 8th, 1945. Japanese records also record a combined attack by three Japanese coastal defense vessels and naval aircraft in the same area.

I-56 was herself sunk by U.S. forces a few days after Snook was lost.

Before her loss, Snook compiled an impressive record, sinking a confirmed 17 Japanese ships for a total of 75,000 tons, the 10th highest total among U.S. Submarines.

For additional information about USS Snook, visit the AIMM Snook memorial web page and the U.S. Naval Historical Center website.

52 American submarines were lost during WWII. After the war, each state was assigned a submarine for commemorative and memorial purposes (California and New York were each assigned two submarines).

USS Snook is Arkansas' adopted submarine.

The Snook Memorial, at the entrance to the North Shore Maritime Center, on Riverfront Drive in North Little Rock, AR

Patch from the AIMM collection, donated by Sue McLaughlin.


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