Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another part of Razorback's History in Digital Format

Navy Day was first organized in the 1920s by the Navy League. October 27th was chosen, since it was the birthday of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was an avid supporter of the Navy (and who had passed away in 1919).

The 1945 Navy Day celebrations, coming so soon after the end of World War II, were especially large. However, official U.S. Navy celebrations have been largely shifted to Armed Forces Day in May. In addition, the U.S. Navy's official birthday is recognized as October 13th, the day in 1775 that the Continental Congress authorized the building of the first ships for the fledgling Navy.

While this booklet does not contain any particularly new information, it is still an important part of Razorback's history that has been preserved. Electronic copies of this booklet are available upon request, and it will be put up on the AIMM website in the near future.


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